The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know a happy customer, is a repeat customer. So what is your strategy to make your customers happy during the holiday shopping frenzy that starts around November 1 and goes through the new year?

You could ramp up your staff. But that means training, and getting them up to speed well before the holiday frenzy starts. You could work 24/7, assuring every product sold is up to the original standards that got you started in business in the first place. Or you could just let the kaos incur, and hope you don’t have too many unhappy customers after it is over.
None of these sound like great viable options, but there are some things you can do to make it a happy experience.

First, check you processes – Do you have items available in an orderly sequence or are your bags on the opposite side of the counter from the cash register? Is the path for payment clearly marked so customers form in a sequential line? Spend some time observing the flow of your customers, and look for areas where you can improve the flow.

The same is true in production. For instance, in a bakery, is there a logical flow for the adding of ingredients or do they have to walk back and forth to obtain separate items. Is there ample space available for extra inventory that is easily and quickly accessible for re-stock when you run out of product?

Next, with the on-slaught of apple pay, square, credit cards and debit cards, is your speed to connect ready? Outdated equipment and software can have a slower reaction time, causing delays in transactions. Just as you would do maintenance on anything else, you need to do a maintenance check on your connectivity. Wires can wear out, connectors get lose, and software updates happen all the time.

Have you given your employees tools to succeed through the holidays? You will ask your employees to work longer holiday extended hours. They will need to be alert and feeling good, in order to serve your customers accurately and pleasantly. One solution for this is to look at the floors you’re asking them to stand on for those extended hours. Are they hard tile or concrete floors? Reduce fatigue and eliminate their aches and pains, by providing anti-fatigue matting and flooring, so they have some relief from long periods of standing on hard concrete or tile floors.

Third, it's been proven that anti-fatigue mats can reduce fatigue, utilizing a muscle pump theory that improves circulatory functions delivering more oxygen through the blood to muscles, heart and the brain. They reduce the impact of heel strike

(MASS X SPEED/DISTANCE x TIME = SHOCK on the joints and lower back) by 35% over shoes alone.

For production, lets look at slips, trips and falls. These are the 3rd leading cause of missed work days. An employee out of work, is no help at all in achieving your holiday goals. Installing non-slip mats or flooring offers all of the benefits of anti-fatigue, reduced aches and pains, plus while your employees are busy working, a reduced chance of injury from a slip, trip or fall.

There are an abundance of mats and flooring available in the marketplace. Through retail, distributors, or to save yourself time, you can easily, simply ordering them online now, you can get them installed before the season begins. You could even order a red and green tiles, such as ErgoDeck flooring from Wearwell, that can be configured in any shape, and create the path to pay as mentioned above for your customers. It will make keep them more content while they are waiting in line, creating a much better experience for them as well.