• SMART anti-fatigue Diamond-Plate floor mats feature a 100% recycled sponge base with a chemical and abrasion resistant diamond-plate traction surface. Available in 5/8” and 1” thickness, this economically priced anti-fatigue mat is a Smart solution to standing worker fatigue.

    Depending on your work conditions, you may not always need the highest quality anti-fatigue mat. In areas that see low foot traffic for example, an economically priced diamond-plate mat will get the job done. SMART diamond-plate matting bridges the gap between price and quality, with a tough Diamond-Plate surface and commercial grade padding, much like the cozy carpeting in your home.

  • Wearwell’s SELECT Diamond-Plate anti-fatigue matting is the industry standard in anti-fatigue matting solutions. Select is equivalent or better than competitor anti-fatigue products and backed by the #1 most trusted brand in the industry for quality and service.

    Select Diamond-Plate matting features a Flex-Link sponge base with a chemical and abrasion resistant surface. It can be used in dry environments that demand results from Industrial matting and commercial matting anti-fatigue products. Available in 15/16” and 9/16” thickness, Select Diamond-Plate matting is a high-tech anti-fatigue mat that can withstand heavy use with maximum results.

  • The Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate anti-fatigue mat, by #1 Wearwell brand is the industry’s best when it comes to quality and longevity in anti-fatigue matting. Ultrasoft outperforms other Diamond-Plate products in the industry with its unique Nitricell sponge base that delivers twice the resilience and three times the life expectancy of simple PVC sponge anti-fatigue mats used by competitors.

    Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate is the pinnacle of anti-fatigue matting. Ultrasoft features a double-thick 15/16” Nitricell sponge base with machine cut and beveled edges for trip prevention. A tough abrasion and chemical resistant PVC surface. Ultrasoft is the ONLY fully customizable Diamond-Plate matting product available.


  • Smart Diamond Plate Mat - Black w/Yellow Borders

  • Wearwell Diamond-Plate Select Mat - Black w/Yellow Borders

  • UltraSoft Diamond-Plate - Black

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