ESD Electro Static Dissipative

The Best Defense Against Static Charges

Static comes in many forms, including static electricity, outgassing and particulates. Our ESD and Contamination Control mats stop all types of static threats while providing legendary Wearwell comfort.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is caused by friction between two materials such as a person walking across the floor or when small particles rub against each other in the air. Once static electricity builds up, it seeks the shortest path to the ground – often the human body. Anything you touch, including sensitive equipment, can be damaged or destroyed.

To eliminate these hazards, Wearwell offers both electrically conductive and static-dissipative mats. These products draw the static off workers before they touch susceptible components.

It is important to note that all conductive and dissipative matting must be grounded to be effective. In addition, either conductive shoes or a heel grounder should be worn to allow the static to drain off the body and through the mat.


Outgassing (or offgassing) is the release of a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen, or absorbed in a material. The “new-car smell” is an excellent example of outgassing. Many plastics and rubber materials slowly release gases throughout their life cycle. These gases can be hazardous to key processes in a controlled environment. Wearwell produces products specifically designed for minimal outgassing for use in clean-room environments.


Particulates are all the little solid materials that are all around us in our environment. Dust, pollen, vapor, germs, bacteria, and soot are common examples. Controlled environments are created specifically to keep particulates out. Wearwell provides matting products that remove particulates from the soles of shoes to assist in controlling the amount of particulates that occur in a controlled environment.