Work Platform Materials That Make the Difference

Work Platform Materials That Make the Difference

Better Materials Make a Better Platform

Many industrial platforms fall short because they are made with cheap wood or unnecessarily bulky metal materials. Wood constructed work platforms and elevated floors are many times makeshift creations made using blocks of wood, pallets or time-consuming plywood platform builds.

The key thing for businesses to realize is that they are paying for more than just custom woodwork. The materials (wood), tools, time, planning, and employees needed to stop their actual jobs to construct the custom work platform need to be considered in the cost.

Using a quick modular work platform system like FOUNDATION will allow them to stop using skilled workers for this type of labor. Foundation work platforms outperform their industrial competition because they are easy to design and assemble, less costly, and requires less expertise to fully install commercially.


Aluminum is lightweight, mobile, and contributes to the modularity and strength of the FOUNDATION work platforms. Unlike metal and wood platforms, aluminum has a greater resistance to oxygen and forms a protective layer of oxide on the surface when exposed to air. Aluminum is a one of the most environmentally friendly materials being that it is 100% recyclable and retains its strength and resistance properties indefinitely.

The FOUNDATION modular work platform’s aluminum frame is built to stand up to the toughest challenges.

How FOUNDATION Modular Work Platforms Leverage Quality Materials

Work platforms come in a variety of materials. Many times, Work platform or elevated floor solutions are permanent and do not evolve as your needs evolve. Foundation Modular Platforms bring together quality materials with a modular design to make the best industrial platform available on today’s market!

The Foundation Modular Work Platform is an easy-to-handle aluminum system that provides all the support your team demands and more! The FOUNDATION system features different surface types to meet the demands of different industries and conditions.


Diamond PlateDiamond-Plate tiles offer undeniable traction and ergonomics with rugged good looks.

OpenOpen surface tiles allow free passage of fluids, debris, and airflow. It not only provides elevation to your work platform, it also provides additional traction in slippery areas.

Smooth – The textured smooth tiles add traction to your work platform and keeps carts rolling safely on a flat surface.

In addition, each tile on the foundation work platform boasts a load rating of 400 lbs. and is manufactured with 100% recycled polypropylene. FOUNDATION platform tiles stand up to a wide range of chemicals, animal fats, and debris. The modularity of the system allows for easy reconfigurations or maintenance. If a part of the platform is damaged for any reason, it is simple and cost effective to replace just those tiles instead of having to replace an entire work platform unit. FOUNDATION TAKES WORK PLATFORMS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!