It all started with trying to purchase a quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

To coin the phrase "You Can't Get There From Here . . ."" you hear the frustrating words, you have to contact a distributor.

What that really meant was, you have to contact a distributor, who will put you in touch with a distributor sales person, who will then try to sell you everything under the sun, even though you just originally wanted the one item.

Then they have to get you pricing on the item (after they contact the manufacturer, to find out) .. . Soon a week has passed and so much time has been wasted that if there's any hope of getting that one item in time, you’ll have to pay extra to have it expedited.

Ughh . . .

It's not a millennial thing of instant gratification.
It's a growing need for SIMPLICITY

Keeping it simple.

MATSonline was born out of the need for SIMPLICITY

Buying a mat shouldn’t be complicated. It should be a simple task to order a mat for your business, because you know the value.
Find the mat, place the purchase for your business and move on with more important things.

And not just for business, the same quality you receive in a commercial mat, you should be able to get for your home, garage and workshop.
You stand just as much in these places as workers in commercial places.

Bottom line, it should be simple to purchase a mat for wherever we stand. Home, Doctor's offices, Restaurants, Factories . . .

So MATSonline was born to simplify the purchase of buying a mat.

Look around our site, find what you need, purchase the mat, and that's it. SIMPLE.