Entrance Mats

Whatever your type of building, people are walking in and out all the time. Keeping people safe and your facility clean is a top concern. Entrance mats help maintain a barrier of protection against the outside world for the rest of a facility, by trapping contaminants and moisture on the mat. At MATSonline we offer entrance mats by Wearwell, rubber mats, outdoor mats, scraper mats, even mud chucker boot scraping mats. Plus, we have a complete selection of shoe sanitizing mats and shoe disinfecting floor mats and supplies for the challenge of maintaining a sterile environment with foot traffic.

No matter the style, Wearwell entrance mats are perfect for the task of protecting your visitors against slips and falls, keeping your facility clean and helping you lower maintenance costs and effort. You’ll find a selection of mats that are made with durable natural rubber that stand up to high foot traffic. Available in many sizes, these floor mats will work for outdoor entrances and indoor entryways. Perfect for office, commercial and industrial entrances, side doors, loading dock entrances, garage, and shop entryways and anywhere you want to help keep people safe and your building clean.