Diamond Plate Anti-fatigue Floor Mats

Diamond-Plate Matting is the best choice for industrial, commercial, or any workplace with standing workers or workers in motion. Wearwell made matting history in 1989 with the introduction of the Diamond-Plate anti-fatigue mat surface, the most popular industrial matting design in the world. Diamond-Plate matting did more than prevent slips and falls – it introduced a revolutionary Nitricell® sponge material for improved comfort and safety beyond anything else in the game.

Diamond-Plate industrial mats provide excellent rebound, high shock absorbence, excellent anti-fatigue support, high level of tear and tensile strength, superior durability, natural static dissipation, great dimensional stability and low-temperature flexibility. In short, Diamond-plate floor mats from Wearwell (since 1950) help standing workers maintain health and productivity the world over.