The All-Time MVP of Modular Flooring Solutions

ErgoDeck with patented LockSafe® technology is perfect for manufacturers seeking a modular, heavy-duty surface that can be unlocked and reconnected multiple times. Available in solid and drainage configurations, ErgoDeck has the versatility to play any position on the field.

Looking for even greater protection against slips and falls? Our optional GRIT SHIELD and No-Slip Cleats ensure your team stays sure-footed in even the most challenging environments.

  • Exceptional comfort in wet or dry applications
  • Customizable in 3” increments to fit any area
  • Patented positive Interlock System prevents separation
  • Ability to replace single tiles reduces costs
  • 100% silicone-free PCV tiles provide maximum durability

Which ErgoDeck is Right for You?

ErgoDeck Heavy Duty (HD)

Ideal for heavy cart and foot traffic. HD’s harder compound allows carts to roll with ease, while the box-spring design provides the structural support necessary for heavy loads, as well as impact absorption for health and comfort.

ErgoDeck General Purpose (GP)

Ideal for areas with primary foot traffic and light cart traffic. GP uses the same box spring pattern as HD, but features a softer compound for greater comfort and reduced heel strike.

ErgoDeck Comfort

The MVP of flooring shows a softer side with ErgoDeck Comfort. This spring-only design offers more compression underfoot for a rubberlike feel, but with the secure connections and customization that only ErgoDeck can deliver.