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General Purpose, Medium & Heavy Duty Cable and Hose Protection

Featured Now - PowerHouse Speed Bump Cable Protection System by Wearwell

As you know, cable protection and routing is important for many modern industries. Cable protectors are a critical safety measure in use at parks, concerts, construction sites, and energy exploration. They are also an important safety component in small and large manufacturing facilities and industrial and commercial facilities.

Greatly reduces the potential risks that could arise from workers or passerbys accidentally tripping and falling, injuring themselves on exposed cables/hoses. Cable protectors ensure the safety of the cable & hoses and more importantly the people nearby! Speed bump cable and hose protection is a great way to add a layer of safety to work and traffic areas indoors and out. Any facility or location with cables and hoses for operation and production should consider protecting their equipment and people with PowerHouse Cable Protection System. Be sure to checkout the available turn sections for max protection. :-)

PowerHouse Cable and Hose Protection SystemPowerHouse Cable and Hose Protection System