Lab & Pharmaceutical Matting

Concerns in the Lab and Pharmaceutical industry are unlike any others. Avoiding contamination is first and foremost among concerns.  Contamination takes many forms, each with their own risk.  Laboratories and pharmacies fight against airborne particles, bacteria, microbes, out-gassing and even Electrostatic Discharge.  There’s also another fight lab and pharmacy personnel face – the fight against the aches, pains and fatigue that comes with working long shifts on hard, cold floors.

It takes a unique floor mats to fight both environmental contaminants and personnel fatigue. In fact, the wrong mat can introduce and promote the growth of contaminants. Fortunately, MATSonline offers a full range of Wearwell anti-fatigue and ergonomic flooring products that help lab and pharmaceutical facilities maintain hygiene, health and well-being in all facets. The proper floor surface will address worker fatigue and reduce contaminants every step of the way. Our Autoclavable, anti-microbial, shoe sanitizing mats and tacky floor mats address both seen and unseen contaminants. For lab personnel working with sensitive chemicals, we offer Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) mats to prevent hazards associated with static electricity.