Welding Mats

Only the toughest floor mats can take the heat and intensity of welding environments. A typical workstation mat can’t withstand the demands of welding areas small or large. That’s why we offer WeldSafe mats and runners by #1 Wearwell brand anti-fatigue and ergonomic flooring experts.

Conventional workstation mats with a PVC surface will melt and deteriorate in a welding setting, and fast! That’s why Weldsafe welding mats are formulated to meet a much higher melting point than a typical workstation mat. WeldSafe workstation mats and floor runners feature high ignition points and spark resistance with a melting point of over 500⁰ Fahrenheit. Welding mats are a great way to provide anti-fatigue and ergonomic support plus feature machine cut and beveled edges for added safety and trip prevention.