Aerospace and Airline Mats

The Aerospace and Airline industry needs are vast.  There’s the manufacturing of aircraft and there’s providing the service of air travel.

In manufacturing, the need resembles that of automotive.  At Wearwell we’ve seen it all and we innovate to address it all.  Whether it’s welding, stamping, assembly, inspection, fluid fill or a host of other areas, Wearwell understands the unique challenges of the Aerospace manufacturing process. 

Airlines and airports rely on matting for a wide range of applications, too.  At the ticket counter, check-in personnel move luggage from the counter over to the carousel.  To avoid trip hazards, those personnel require anti-fatigue flooring that span the entire area.  Going through security, single mats are used to identify the check points for passengers and provide ergonomic support for members of security.  Those same mats can be found at gate podiums and service counters at the terminals.  What passengers don’t see is all the activity going on behind the scenes.  There are countless crews that require there own matting or flooring solutions.  T-Points Carousels need mats that can withstand foot traffic and wheeled traffic.  Other areas like commissaries, maintenance, and restaurants face different challenges.

In matting there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.  That’s exactly why Wearwell offers the widest range of ergonomic solutions.  From anti-fatigue matting and flooring to modular platform systems, we have the Aerospace and Airline industry covered!